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Journalist Steve Horn Returns to Update Monterey Shale’s Reduced Forecast, and Much More!

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Steve Horn of DeSmogBlog returns to update us on his recent reporting on fracking, climate change, oil-laden “bomb trains” and the massive networks of oil and gas pipelines in the US. And he details the royal treatment accorded disgraced ex-CIA chief David Petraeus on his recent visit to North Dakota.Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

In this in-depth interview, Horn recaps important recent dispatches:

–California’s Monterey Shale projections dramatically reduced, as reported by LA Times.

–these shaky projections come from the revolving door of the Energy Information Administration, here

–extraction executive admits fracking fuels climate change, here

–tar sands already flowing through southern leg of Keystone, here

–rail car explosion in Lynchburg, VA exposes plans to export tar sands crude

–David Petraeus now does energy deals for buyout firm KKR, Horn covered his royal visit to North Dakota

We also have a candid exchange about the emphasis on Keystone as the political icon of climate change.