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PBC News & Comment: In West Point Speech, Obama Tries to Recalibrate Failed Foreign Policy

Obama derides Bush Doctrine as “naive and unsustainable” and articulates his own doctrine, which he mostly fails to follow……Click here for free audiobook download from Audible and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–in West Point speech, Obama tries to re-set foreign policy, rejecting the Bush Doctrine

–Snowden gives NBC interview, as Kerry tells him to “man up”

–Jason Leopold reports that FBI spied on Nelson Mandela

–in Egypt, voting is extended as election monitors withdraw

–Steve Horn comments on 96% reduction in projections for Monterey Shale

–AP reports federal agency adds new safety rules to Keystone XL, based on flaws reported in southern leg, as reported here last November

–median CEO pay now tops $10 million

–Pfizer’s US tax avoidance scheme in bid to buy AstraZeneca

–comment from listener Hamish, from Australia, about EU elections

–new study shows failure of California sex offender registry