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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Prisoner Swap Sparks Political Firestorm

Trading 5 Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo for one American POW, Obama risks backlash that may keep Gitmo open indefinitely....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Obama trades 5 Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo for lone US POW in Afghanistan, controversy will erupt

--Prof. Juan Cole of U Mich notes that US has traded for hostages before, many times

--journalist Anand Gopal talks about the 5 Taliban leaders to be released

--Supreme Court rejects appeal from NY Times reporter James Risen, who will continue to fight subpoena

--Risen and Laura Poitras use Snowden docs to reveal that NSA has vast collection of images for facial recognition

--Reddit and other sites launch ResettheNet

--much hyped EPA order to cut coal emissions is modest, but will draw loud protests from coal huggers

--as Palestinians form unity government, Israel attempts to keep alive its divide-and-conquer strategy

--Santa Barbara murder spree revives debate about not identifying killers because they seek notoriety