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PBC News & Comment: Roger Shuler Subject to Imminent Arrest in Alabama

In aftermath of 5-month jail stretch on bogus defamation and contempt charges, journalist Roger Shuler faces arrest for being broke…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Troubling news from Alabama: Roger Shuler is threatened with arrest, this time for being broke.  Please donate if you can,

–Obama will send 300 more “advisers” to Iraq—will they advise on ethnic cleansing?

–Iraqis jockey to dump Maliki, but who could unify Iraq?

–Senate subcommittee approved constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

–as Brian Knappenberger told us in the Aaron Swartz interview, Larry Lessig has launched death-star PAC

–Texas men charged with domestic terrorism case with the usual FBI informant

–lawyer Steve Downs studied 400 “domestic terrorism” cases, found only 5% were untainted   , excerpt from Processing Distortion interview at BoilingFrogsPost; review the data here

–WikiLeaks releases secret international services agreement as Assange marks 2 years at Ecuador embassy in London

–Steve Horn says corporate coddlers at White House quietly block rail safety regulations for crude oil “bomb trains”

–Horn also reports on Enbridge pipeline expansion plans

–Native Canadians organize to block Enbridge tar sands pipeline

–Native Hawaiians explore restoring Monarchy and repudiating statehood