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PBC News & Comment: Roger Shuler Subject to Imminent Arrest in Alabama

In aftermath of 5-month jail stretch on bogus defamation and contempt charges, journalist Roger Shuler faces arrest for being broke...Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Troubling news from Alabama: Roger Shuler is threatened with arrest, this time for being broke.  Please donate if you can,

--Obama will send 300 more “advisers” to Iraq—will they advise on ethnic cleansing?

--Iraqis jockey to dump Maliki, but who could unify Iraq?

--Senate subcommittee approved constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

--as Brian Knappenberger told us in the Aaron Swartz interview, Larry Lessig has launched death-star PAC

--Texas men charged with domestic terrorism case with the usual FBI informant

--lawyer Steve Downs studied 400 “domestic terrorism” cases, found only 5% were untainted   , excerpt from Processing Distortion interview at BoilingFrogsPost; review the data here

--WikiLeaks releases secret international services agreement as Assange marks 2 years at Ecuador embassy in London

--Steve Horn says corporate coddlers at White House quietly block rail safety regulations for crude oil “bomb trains”

--Horn also reports on Enbridge pipeline expansion plans

--Native Canadians organize to block Enbridge tar sands pipeline

--Native Hawaiians explore restoring Monarchy and repudiating statehood