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PBC News & Comment: Some Good News, For a Change!

Clearing my desk before a 2-week break, we lead with some good news on Central Park 5 and marriage equality...

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Some good news on stories we’ve covered:

--Central Park 5 share $40 million in compensation, as discussed with filmmaker Ken Burns and exoneree Raymond Santana 11/30/12
--Presbyterians OK marriage equality, sparked by the case of Rev. Janie Spahr; we covered trial in 8/10 and rejection of discipline 5/12; search "Spahr" to locate the podcasts
--House bans “backdoor searches” by NSA in 293-123 vote
--EFF issues privacy scorecard, is top ISP
--federal judge in Washington state dismisses suit regarding soldier who infiltrated peace groups at Ft. Lewis-McChord
--influx of immigrant children leads ObamaCo to speed up deportations
--prosecutors name Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at center of illegal campaign funding schemes
--Gov. Cuomo insists on silly limitations in NY medical pot law
--Supreme Court unanimously upholds rights of Alabama whistleblower
--no news on Roger Shuler’s pending arrest
--one Palestinian killed as battle erupts in Jenin during Israeli night raid, searching for 3 missing teens
--Egypt’s top court initiates death sentences against Muslim Brotherhood leaders, no comment from Washington
--California prisons forced sterilizations on 144 women, many without lawful consent
--email comments from listener Kevin K, who is now a climate change skeptic, PBC gets invited to anti-climate confab in Vegas