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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Decisions Earn Praise and Contempt

Back from 2-week break, PBC praises Supreme Court decision on cellphone warrants, slams incoherent Hobby Lobby corporate religious liberty ruling….

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–SCOTUS: got it right on warrant for cellphone search, way wrong on Hobby Lobby
—NSA gets Greenwald to delay his “final” Snowden article
–Washington Post reports 9 out of 10 email accounts spied on by NSA are innocent bystanders, not terrorism targets
–ObamaCo says “don’t worry, NSA filters out ‘incidental’ collection”
–FISA court re-authorizes bulk phone data collection, again
–Israel’s Netanyahu now deplores the revenge killings he incited
–Israel/Palestine conflict escalates as Indyk steps down
–Iraq civil war leads to partition, as Maliki resists inclusion and Kurds seek independence, Parliament fails to form new government
–ISIL’s al-Baghdadi appears in video promoting caliphate
–wave of child immigrants at southern border spawns hate, blame game
–in Asia, Japan lifts llimits on it military, as pro-democracy protests grow in Hong Kong
–NY Times op-ed by Jacob Heilbrunn defines Hillary as the NeoCons’ best friend