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State Dept. Whistleblower Peter van Buren Says US Should Stay Out of Iraq

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Peter van Buren, author of We Meant Well and Ghosts of Tom Joad, talks about Iraq, Obama’s Kill-at-will memo, and much more…

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Van Buren, who was drummed out of the State Department for telling the truth about the bungled reconstruction of Iraq, returns with equal candor and humor to dismiss calls for new US military intervention in the civil war. He recaps the reasons why air strikes would do more harm than good, and talks about how the failed “surge” of Bush and Petraeus set the stage for the current conflict and ethnic partitioning of Iraq. As discredited NeoCons pipe up with advice and criticism for Obama, he notes that Hillary Clinton is seen as their best hope for 2016.

We also talk about Syria and Egypt, and the contradictions in US foreign policy. Van Buren details the recently released “Kill Memo” that Obama claims authorized him to kill Awlaki without due process. And he talks about the loss of our 4th Amendment rights in the NSA domestic surveillance programs. His website is here.