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PBC News & Comment: “Justice” Ducks the Dispute Between CIA, Senate Intel Committee

Eric Holder’s “Justice” Department has declined to prosecute the dual, duelling claims of wrongdoing in research for torture report….

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–Justice Dept declines to investigate cross-claims by CIA and Senate Intelligence Committee of wrongdoing over torture report
–Jason Leopold’s two important stories this week: in Vice, Gitmo leaves released prisoner in poverty in Algeria; At al Jazeera, he reports on Pentagon talking points that slam Gitmo lawyers and inmates
–5 Californians challenge FBI over “suspicious activity reports”
–in England, lawsuit challenges Britain’s use of NSA surveillance data
–Netanyahu plans to keep pounding Gaza as death toll passes 100
–in Iraq, Kurdish leaders start boycott of Maliki cabinet, signal secession
–too-polite editorial in NY Times complains about Bahrain’s ejection of State Dept official
–Border Patrol stops charter flights of child immigrants from Texas to California, but denies that protests were the reason
–email from listener Becky Messer about the border flap and Gaza