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PBC News & Comment: Max Blumenthal Exposes False Pretext for Israeli Attacks on Hamas

Day 3 of Israel's brutal attack on Gaza, as journalist Max Blumenthal explains how Israeli leaders spent 18 days lying about the kidnapped teens, whipping up support for a new war on Gaza....

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--Max Blumenthal reports on Israel’s 18-day charade over missing teens, providing pretext for assault on Gaza, Hamas. Hear more in our in-depth interview, released to subscribers today.
--J.J. Goldberg in Forward newspaper confirms Blumenthal’s account
--air strikes continue as ground invasion of Gaza looms
--Russ Tice emails in response to my comments about Greenwald’s latest, indicating that Snowden could not access data on surveillance of top officials
--Germany demands expulsion of top US intel officer
--Benghazi attacks may have been led by 2 different groups at different locations
--in Iraq, 50 Shiites found slaughtered
--former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin gets 10 years for bribery