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PBC News & Comment: Max Blumenthal Exposes False Pretext for Israeli Attacks on Hamas

Day 3 of Israel’s brutal attack on Gaza, as journalist Max Blumenthal explains how Israeli leaders spent 18 days lying about the kidnapped teens, whipping up support for a new war on Gaza….

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–Max Blumenthal reports on Israel’s 18-day charade over missing teens, providing pretext for assault on Gaza, Hamas. Hear more in our in-depth interview, released to subscribers today.
–J.J. Goldberg in Forward newspaper confirms Blumenthal’s account
–air strikes continue as ground invasion of Gaza looms
–Russ Tice emails in response to my comments about Greenwald’s latest, indicating that Snowden could not access data on surveillance of top officials
–Germany demands expulsion of top US intel officer
–Benghazi attacks may have been led by 2 different groups at different locations
–in Iraq, 50 Shiites found slaughtered
–former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin gets 10 years for bribery