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PBC News & Comment: Egyptian-brokered Cease-Fire May Be Propaganda Ploy

Israel briefly suspended attacks on Gaza under "cease-fire" advanced by Egypt, which hadn't bothered to consult Palestinians: fighting, dying resume....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Egyptian cease-fire plan was not approved by Hamas, Gaza war continues

--strangers on Facebook slam Max Blumenthal, proud of their ignorance

--car bomb in Afghanistan kills at least 89

--sectarian bloodletting continues in Iraq

--British documents showed American torture taxis used base at Diego Garcia

--DC Appeals Court overturns two of three convictions of Gitmo prisoner Bahlul

--Kerry says “tangible progress” in talks with Iran

--US deports planeload of immigrants to Honduras

--Congress considers amending law to permit immediate deportation of youths

--Jose Antonio Vargas, undocumented journalist, detained at Mexican Border

--IRS craters on nonprofit rules for political groups

--Italians re-float Costa Concordia

--billionaire Tim Draper says his “6 Californias” ballot measure has enough signatures to qualify