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PBC News & Comment: Egyptian-brokered Cease-Fire May Be Propaganda Ploy

Israel briefly suspended attacks on Gaza under “cease-fire” advanced by Egypt, which hadn’t bothered to consult Palestinians: fighting, dying resume….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Egyptian cease-fire plan was not approved by Hamas, Gaza war continues

–strangers on Facebook slam Max Blumenthal, proud of their ignorance

–car bomb in Afghanistan kills at least 89

–sectarian bloodletting continues in Iraq

–British documents showed American torture taxis used base at Diego Garcia

–DC Appeals Court overturns two of three convictions of Gitmo prisoner Bahlul

–Kerry says “tangible progress” in talks with Iran

–US deports planeload of immigrants to Honduras

–Congress considers amending law to permit immediate deportation of youths

–Jose Antonio Vargas, undocumented journalist, detained at Mexican Border

–IRS craters on nonprofit rules for political groups

–Italians re-float Costa Concordia

–billionaire Tim Draper says his “6 Californias” ballot measure has enough signatures to qualify