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PBC News & Comment: Freedom Nears for 6 Gitmo Prisoners

Secretary Hagel notified Congress of plan to send 6 Guantanamo prisoners to Uruguay, including hunger striker Dhiab--it's long overdue!....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Four updates on America’s Gulag:

--Defense secretary Hagel notifies Congress that he is finally approving transfer of 6 Gitmo prisoners to Uruguay, including hunger striker Dhiab

--nurse at Guantanamo refuses to force feed hunger striker Dhiab

--appeals court ruling leaves confusion about military tribunals

--in Guardian, Spencer Ackerman reveals hunger strikes at Bagram prison

--US media takes Israeli spin on ‘cease fire” without challenge, basis for false claim that “Israel has no choice” but to hit Hamas harder

--Israel hints that ground invasion of Gaza is next

--on Facebook, reaction to our Max Blumenthal interview turns ugly

--GOP-controlled House passes short-term highway fund fix

--ObamaCo seeks to block “inversion” deals, where American companies merge with foreign firms to avoid US taxes

--in Minneapolis, advisor to bishop quits, charging continuing coverups of pedophile priests

--Latino conservative columnist Ruben Navarette takes strong stand for refugee children