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PBC News & Comment: Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes in Ukraine War Zone

Pro-Russian rebels deny responsibility for 295 deaths, but are blamed by Kiev; US confirms that a missile hit the plane…

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–Israel suspended attacks for 5 hours, but both sides resumed and talks continue in Cairo

–Gaza sources report that geriatric hospital in Gaza City is under attack

–Obama expected to seek extention of Iran talks, Gareth Porter’s analysis is here

–federal judge rules California death penalty unconstitutional

–Missouri executes man who claimed innocence, mental illness

–listener Brian Masi comments on tax inversion by US corporations

–GOP blocks Senate vote on fix to Hobby Lobby ruling

–in reversal, Australian Senate repeals carbon tax

–Pando defends David Sirota’s expose of New Jersey cronyism, but won’t explain why they fired Sirota

–Pando’s Yasha Levine just posted an excellent story about the origins of Tor internet encryption system