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PBC News & Comment: Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes in Ukraine War Zone

Pro-Russian rebels deny responsibility for 295 deaths, but are blamed by Kiev; US confirms that a missile hit the plane...

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--Israel suspended attacks for 5 hours, but both sides resumed and talks continue in Cairo

--Gaza sources report that geriatric hospital in Gaza City is under attack

--Obama expected to seek extention of Iran talks, Gareth Porter’s analysis is here

--federal judge rules California death penalty unconstitutional

--Missouri executes man who claimed innocence, mental illness

--listener Brian Masi comments on tax inversion by US corporations

--GOP blocks Senate vote on fix to Hobby Lobby ruling

--in reversal, Australian Senate repeals carbon tax

--Pando defends David Sirota’s expose of New Jersey cronyism, but won’t explain why they fired Sirota

--Pando’s Yasha Levine just posted an excellent story about the origins of Tor internet encryption system