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PBC News & Comment: Israel Invokes 4th Rationale for War on Hamas: Tunnels

Frankie Goes to Hollywood opens with "Two Tribes" as Israel launches ground "incursion" in Gaza to eliminate tunnels....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Israel’s 4th rationalization for war on Hamas:  tunnels require ground “incursion”

--US corporate media continues biased coverage as NBC pulls Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza and CNN offers only Israeli view

--NY Times runs rare op-ed with pro-Palestinian arguments

--Israeli adult and 2 teens charged with torture death of Palestinian as Israel announces demolition of homes of Israeli teen kidnap suspects

--Obama blames Russia and separatists for the context that led to downing of airliner, but says he doesn’t have evidence yet to say who did it

--Germany’s Merkel calls for talks with US over its spying on Germany

--actions vs. words:  Obama talks about climate change as he approves more offshore exploration on east coast

--Pot calls Kettle Black: State Dept correctly slams Burma for police state tactics against journalists, but remains silent on Egpyt’s similar actions

--NetRoots Nation in Detroit urges Elizabeth Warren to run for President

--Chelsea Manning to start treatment for gender dysphoria

--former Italian leader Berlusconi cheers “Bunga bunga!” as court overturns his prostitution conviction

--albino blues guitarist Johnny Winter dies at age 70