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PBC News & Comment: Israel Invokes 4th Rationale for War on Hamas: Tunnels

Frankie Goes to Hollywood opens with “Two Tribes” as Israel launches ground “incursion” in Gaza to eliminate tunnels….Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Israel’s 4th rationalization for war on Hamas:  tunnels require ground “incursion”

–US corporate media continues biased coverage as NBC pulls Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza and CNN offers only Israeli view

NY Times runs rare op-ed with pro-Palestinian arguments

–Israeli adult and 2 teens charged with torture death of Palestinian as Israel announces demolition of homes of Israeli teen kidnap suspects

–Obama blames Russia and separatists for the context that led to downing of airliner, but says he doesn’t have evidence yet to say who did it

–Germany’s Merkel calls for talks with US over its spying on Germany

–actions vs. words:  Obama talks about climate change as he approves more offshore exploration on east coast

–Pot calls Kettle Black: State Dept correctly slams Burma for police state tactics against journalists, but remains silent on Egpyt’s similar actions

–NetRoots Nation in Detroit urges Elizabeth Warren to run for President

–Chelsea Manning to start treatment for gender dysphoria

–former Italian leader Berlusconi cheers “Bunga bunga!” as court overturns his prostitution conviction

–albino blues guitarist Johnny Winter dies at age 70