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PBC News & Comment: Israeli Casualties Mount as Hamas Fights Back

Cost of Israel's "defensive" attacks on Gaza rise with 25 soldiers killed, one reportedly captured; more than 500 Palestinians killed....Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Gaza war expands, over 500 Palestinians dead, 27 Israelis;

--NY Times acknowledges that innocent Gazans cannot escape

--Israel is using flechette shells, a kind of cluster bomb that spews thousands of deadly darts

--in face of protests, NBC returns reporter Mohyeldin to Gaza

--Robert Parry offers appropriate skepticism as Kerry jumps to conclusions in Ukraine airline downing

--Ukraine rebels ship corpses to Holland and agree to give black boxes to Malaysia

--US agrees to extend talks with Iran by 4 months

--Human Rights Watch and al Jazeera both release detailed reports of FBI manipulation of domestic terror cases—but HRW excludes Boston bombing

--Tsarnaev friend is convicted of obstruction

--sentencing commission will reduce terms for about 50,000 convicted in War on Some Drugs

--Texas Gov. Perry announces he will send national guard to border; Obama to meet Friday with leaders of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador

--email from listener, Mr. Andy