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PBC News & Comment: Botched Execution in Arizona Shows America’s Death Machinery is Really Fu#&ed Up

Despite previous bungled executions, Arizona insisted on killing Joe Wood; the gruesome process took 2 hours, defining "cruel and unusual"....Click here for free audiobook download, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

--Israel denies responsibility for attack on Gaza school that killed 15; flights resume to Tel Aviv

--Senate approves $225 million emergency funding for Israel’s Iron Dome

--unrelated airliner crashes in Taiwan, Sahara desert

--Ukraine prime minister responds as governing coalition collapses

--Iraq leaders name Kurdish leader as figurehead president, Maliki rejects call from Iran to step down

--former State Dept official warns that reversing Reagan executive order 12333 is key to surveillance reform

--Missouri voters may pass NSA nullification measure, Amendment 9

--Trevor Aaronson of al Jazeera talks about his investigative video report on paid FBI Informants and the Liberty City 7

--Yasha Levine on Tor, why spooks need a crowd

--Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux publish secret government rulebook for “No-fly” lists