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PBC News & Comment: Botched Execution in Arizona Shows America’s Death Machinery is Really Fu#&ed Up

Despite previous bungled executions, Arizona insisted on killing Joe Wood; the gruesome process took 2 hours, defining “cruel and unusual”….Click here for free audiobook download, and earn $15 for the PBC Podcast!

–Israel denies responsibility for attack on Gaza school that killed 15; flights resume to Tel Aviv

–Senate approves $225 million emergency funding for Israel’s Iron Dome

–unrelated airliner crashes in Taiwan, Sahara desert

–Ukraine prime minister responds as governing coalition collapses

–Iraq leaders name Kurdish leader as figurehead president, Maliki rejects call from Iran to step down

–former State Dept official warns that reversing Reagan executive order 12333 is key to surveillance reform

–Missouri voters may pass NSA nullification measure, Amendment 9

–Trevor Aaronson of al Jazeera talks about his investigative video report on paid FBI Informants and the Liberty City 7

–Yasha Levine on Tor, why spooks need a crowd

–Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Devereaux publish secret government rulebook for “No-fly” lists