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PBC News & Comment: Violence Spreads to West Bank on “Day of Rage”

West Bank Palestinians march in support of Gaza for second day, as Israel rejects Kerry’s pro-Israel cease-fire plan…….

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–violence spreads to West Bank, as Israel cracks down on protesters

–Israel rejects Kerry’s cease-fire plan as Gaza deaths pass 800

–reports that Russia is lobbing shells into eastern Ukraine

–Poland is censured, order to pay compensation to Abu Zubaydeh and al-Nishiri for US torture at black site in Poland

–as Obama meets with leaders of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, plan is floated to screen asylum claims in Honduras

–in Iraq, IS Sunni fighters wreck Muslim shrine, expel Christians, order women to cover up

–Committee to Protect Journalists demands that Iran release 4 reporters, including Washington Post correspondent

–more reaction to that cruel execution in Arizona—Judge Kozinski acknowledges brutality of execution in his extreme call for firing squads

–Dems in trouble:  Cuomo rigged his corruption probe, Montana temp Senator plagiarized his thesis

–Steve Horn reports that ObamaCo is leasing more tracts in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas extraction

–Transportation Department tightens standards for rail tanker cars, trying to prevent more “bomb trains”