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PBC News & Comment: CIA Boss John Brennan Apologizes, Retracts Accusations Against Senate Staffers

In the dispute that “Justice” Dept. refused to investigate, CIA admits it spied on Senate Intelligence staffers probing torture, detention…..

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–Jason Leopold comments on CIA torture report, and more…in interview to be released later today

–leaks from torture report come from State Dept. pre-fab spin

–Corporate media voices starting to challenge Israel’s war on Gaza:  Scarborough, Todd

–White House condemns Israel for killing kids, and releases more ammo to Israel

–Syrian war continues and Assad’s army continues to use “barrel bombs” in defiance of UN

–Apple hit with class action suit for not disclosing its tracking software to iPhone users

–Tor encryption users are told system was breached

–poll numbers explain the bizarre impeachment game in DC

–sentencing reform is gaining momentum, as Holder calls for limits to use of demographics in sentencing

–Oakland cop fired for gassing injured Occupy protester is reinstated

–Gil Fulbright is spoof Senate candidate in Kentucky, raising awareness of corruption in both parties.  Watch video here.