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PBC News & Comment: Are Democrats ‘Shooting the Moon’ with Anti-Impeachment Ploy?

Democrats have raised over $7 million by hyping threat of Obama impeachment; will this election year strategy backfire next year?

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–Talk of impeaching Obama drives Dem fundraising….a “shoot the moon” strategy?

–Israel strikes another school in Gaza, as GOP hammers Obama for calling for cease-fire

–federal appeals court blocks Mississippi effort to close last abortion clinic

–senators offer bill to reduce sex crimes on campuses

–Jason Leopold profiles by-the-book whistleblower

–David Sirota notes that Detroit is screwing pensioners while it funds new sports stadium

NY Times runs honest recap of Detroit’s undemocratic path to bankruptcy

NY Times continues its series of editorials supporting federal legalization of marijuana

–conservative columnist slams Sen. Ted Cruz for demagogging the border crisis

–California’s rogue utility hit with more indictments over San Brune gas pipeline explosion and coverup, as public utilities commission reels from exposure of help to P G & E