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PBC News & Comment: Are Democrats ‘Shooting the Moon’ with Anti-Impeachment Ploy?

Democrats have raised over $7 million by hyping threat of Obama impeachment; will this election year strategy backfire next year?

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--Talk of impeaching Obama drives Dem fundraising….a “shoot the moon” strategy?

--Israel strikes another school in Gaza, as GOP hammers Obama for calling for cease-fire

--federal appeals court blocks Mississippi effort to close last abortion clinic

--senators offer bill to reduce sex crimes on campuses

--Jason Leopold profiles by-the-book whistleblower

--David Sirota notes that Detroit is screwing pensioners while it funds new sports stadium

--NY Times runs honest recap of Detroit’s undemocratic path to bankruptcy

--NY Times continues its series of editorials supporting federal legalization of marijuana

--conservative columnist slams Sen. Ted Cruz for demagogging the border crisis

--California’s rogue utility hit with more indictments over San Brune gas pipeline explosion and coverup, as public utilities commission reels from exposure of help to P G & E