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PBC News & Comment: Gaza Ceasefire Collapses, Iron Dome Claims Meet Skeptic

Finger-pointing follows quick end to cease-fire, as MIT Prof. Postol challenges assertions of Iron Dome effectiveness........

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--Gaza cease-fire collapses, Prof. Juan Cole commments

--MIT’s Ted Postol challenges myth of Iron Dome effectiveness

--NY Times slams CIA for spying on Senate, but doesn’t demand Brennan’s ouster

--Jason Leopold on Feinstein’s charges against CIA

--Speaker Boehner struggles to control Tea Party nuts, no action on immigration so far

--Attorney General Holder exposes his hypocrisy as he tries to advance some decent policies

--Florida judge orders new congressional map to counter extreme gerrymandering

--Caltrans muzzled engineers who criticized the obvious defect in construction of $6.5 billion Bay Bridge