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PBC News & Comment: Obama’s Inept, Insulting Rationalizations: “We Tortured Some Folks”

At Friday news conference, Obama admitted US “tortured some folks” as he praised the “patriot” folks who tortured those folks….


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–Obama’s rationalizations about Bush’s torture program were inept, insulting;  justice is still being obstructed

–“full confidence” in CIA boss Brennan

Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman profiles Parwan prisoner

–Andy Worthington reports on EU court’s finding that US tortured at least 2 men in Poland

–former teenage tortured prisoner Omar Khadr denied interview by Canadians, using US playbook

–Israel calls unilateral cease-fire, and promptly launches airstrike that kills 8-year-old girl—on heels of Sunday’s attack on UN school that killed 10, drew condemnations

–during failed peace talks, Israel reportedly spied on John Kerry’s phone

–Greenwald uses Snowden docs to show how US provides major intelligence assets to Israel

–ObamaCo’s covert ops in Cuba exposed as amateurish

–former Reagan press secretary Jim Brady dies at 73