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PBC News & Comment: Israel Pulls Back From Gaza, Truce Appears to Hold

Israeli-initiated cease-fire, with exceptions claimed, appears to be holding; is the term “genocide” accurate in this context?….

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–is it fair to call Israel’s war on Gaza “genocide”?

–American general killed by Afghan insider

–California-born Jason Rezaian remains jailed in Iran

4 stories on Obama’s executive authority:

NY Times continues its series on federal marijuana legalization, Obama could re-schedule cannabis anytime

–Dem senators, including Elizabeth Warren, urge Obama to act to limit “corporate inversion” tax cheats

–as fears of Ebola grow, Obama signed executive order allowing for quarantine and detention of infected persons

–op-ed writer Ross Douthat raises some good questions about the current impeachment talk and possible immigration actions by Obama

–federal judge overturns Alabama’s specious abortion rules

–Toledo mayor says tap water with green slime is safe