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PBC News & Comment: Revelations About Stingray Surveillance, Watch Lists and Our Creeping Police State

Investigative journalist Beau Hodai shares his research on “Stingray” cellphone surveillance, and the death of Doors’ Jim Morrison finally explained….

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–Highlights and excerpt from our exclusive interview with Beau Hodai on his detailed revelations about Stingray surveillance system

–Amendment 9 passes in Missouri with 75% support for NSA nullification

–Scahill and Devereaux disclose key details of America’s “watch lists”

–probable “official leak” to AP scooped Scahill, Pando reports

–new whistleblower suspected in No Fly disclosures

–Feinstein slams redaction of her torture “review”

–Gen. Toguba challenges CIA spin on Senate torture review

–Marianne Faithful says her boyfriend gave Jim Morrison the heroin that killed him