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PBC News & Comment: ObamaCo Mulls Action in Iraq: Humanitarian Airlift, or Bombing

Islamic State takes control of Mosul Dam, entraps up to 40,000 non-Muslims on Mt. Sinjar--what will Obama do?

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--Obama mulls airlift to northern Iraq as IS takes control of major dam and Baghdad sees more violence

--Hamas threatens to resume fighting on Friday, demands end to blockade, prisoner release

--Jerusalem Post reports Israel has enlisted NY Congressman Steve Israel to help block war crimes investigations

--listener Jerry in Italy notes Chomsky comments on Gaza war

--at Vice, Natasha Lennard says Feinstein is “clever politician….successful hypocrite” regarding Brennan

--also at Vice, excellent report on the heavily redacted 28-page memo about Saudis and 9/11, by Samuel Oakford

--as Walgreen’s backs off its planned tax inversion, Obama continues to threaten action

--signaling a cold war pissing contest, Russia announces sanctions against US products

--Iselle is first hurricane in 22 years to threaten Hawaii