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PBC News & Comment: Obama Uses Air Power to Help Yazidis and Hit Sunni Fighters

President Obama orders airlift of relief to trapped Yazidis, fighter jets strike Islamic State militants in northern Iraq today….

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–Obama airlifts aid to trapped Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar and launches airstrikes on IS “to protect Americans in Erbil”

–Obama notified Congress, but is he observing War Powers Act?

–right wing World Net Daily reports that some IS fighters were trained by US in Jordan

–CNN reports that 100 Americans are fighting in IS, speculating they could come to the US, with no evidence

–Professor Mohammed Ayoob comments on this, in excerpt from our in-depth interview

–Gaza cease-fire expires and both sides return to fighting

–Israel has detained over 1,000 Palestinians who are Israeli citizens, for protesting the war

–Israel’s grisly “Hannibal directive” is exposed

–Kerry gets Afghan candidates to agree to honor recount

–in Egypt, the “Grand Mufti” opposes death sentences for Muslim Brotherhood leaders

–Montana’s appointed Dem senator, John Walsh, withdraws from election due to plagiarism

–in Alaska, Dem Sen. Mark Begich is running on his record of voting with Republicans

–in Kentucky, same game, as Dem opponent to McConnell wants to be “senator from Coal Country”