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PBC News & Comment: Obama Faces Backstabbers in Baghdad, US

“Backstabbers” by O’Jays opens our comments on Maliki’s refusal to step down, Hillary’s slams on Syria, Israel in magazine interview…

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–US re-entry to Iraq causes political infighting in Baghdad and Washington

–Hillary Clinton says she told us so—raw opportunism shows

–Obama tells Tom Friedman that Hillary’s view “has always been a fantasty”

–US will arm Kurdish pesh merga forces

–why did Yazikis flee to barren Mt. Sinjar?

–latest 72-hour cease-fire seems to be holding in Gaza

–Mark Fuller, the judge who railroaded Gov. Siegelman into prison, is jailed in Atlanta on domestic violence charge

–Lee Fang reveals that civil rights groups have sold out on Net Neutrality in exchange for corporate cash

–University of Arizona fired Dr. Sue Sisley for supporting veterans’ fight for honest marijuana research