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PBC News & Comment: Great Memories of Robin Wiliams

Still reeling from the news of his suicide, Robin Williams is remembered for his quick wit, and even faster mouth….

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–Robin Williams, a treasure of the Bay Area and nation, dead at 63

–in Iraq, Maliki seems to back away from coup and clinging to power

–after testy media exchanges, Hillary and Barack will be at same party in Martha’s Vineyard Wednesday night; Frank Bruni’s opinion piece is here

–tenuous cease-fire holds, but Israel will only negotiate to destroy Hamas—which strengthens Hamas

–Egyptian government charged with widespread, systematic killings of protesters

–serious concern about Russia’s “humanitarian convoy” heading for Ukraine

–Robert Parry reports US corporate media play down role of neo-Nazis in eastern Ukraine

–more details on arrest of Alabama federal Judge Mark Fuller

–in Silicon Valley, Judge Lucy Koh, shows real courage in rejecting inadequate settlement of employers’ conspiracy