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PBC News & Comment: My “Sneakin Suspicion” About Mission Creep in Iraq

Dr. Feelgood’s Sneakin’ Suspicion opens today’s podcast, as vacation White House floats trial balloon: Yazidi rescue mission with US troops….

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–Mission Creep looms as ObamaCo considers more US troops for “rescue mission” in northern Iraq and Syria

–Kurdish fighters have already rescued many Yazidis

–France is first other nation to help, will deliver arms to Kurds

–despite cease-fire, new deaths from unexploded Israeli bombs kill 5 in Gaza

–Egypt proposes partial lifting of Gaza blockade

–NY Gov. Cuomo arrives in Israel to kiss up

–forget to mention this, longshot candidate Zephyr Teachout slams Cuomo, read it here

–Maureen Dowd skewers Hillary’s cheap shots at Obama

–Prof. Larry Lessig talks about Mayday to limit money in campaigns

–plane crash kills Brazilian presidential candidate Campos

–James Bamford reports Snowden’s tweaks of NSA incompetence

–study shows more murders in “stand your ground” states

–California Supreme Court removes November initiative from ballot, to overturn Citizens United