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PBC News & Comment: My “Sneakin Suspicion” About Mission Creep in Iraq

Dr. Feelgood's Sneakin' Suspicion opens today's podcast, as vacation White House floats trial balloon: Yazidi rescue mission with US troops....

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--Mission Creep looms as ObamaCo considers more US troops for “rescue mission” in northern Iraq and Syria

--Kurdish fighters have already rescued many Yazidis

--France is first other nation to help, will deliver arms to Kurds

--despite cease-fire, new deaths from unexploded Israeli bombs kill 5 in Gaza

--Egypt proposes partial lifting of Gaza blockade

--NY Gov. Cuomo arrives in Israel to kiss up

--forget to mention this, longshot candidate Zephyr Teachout slams Cuomo, read it here

--Maureen Dowd skewers Hillary’s cheap shots at Obama

--Prof. Larry Lessig talks about Mayday to limit money in campaigns

--plane crash kills Brazilian presidential candidate Campos

--James Bamford reports Snowden’s tweaks of NSA incompetence

--study shows more murders in “stand your ground” states

--California Supreme Court removes November initiative from ballot, to overturn Citizens United