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PBC News & Comment: Obama Says Iraq Refugee Crisis Has Eased, But Bombing Continues

Advance team reports that most Yazidis have left Mt. Sinjar safely, but US bombing raids on IS will continue “indefinitely”…

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–Gaza cease-fire extended 5 more days, optimistic comments from Hamas

–MIT Prof. Ted Postol tells PBC that Israel’s Iron Dome is not 80-90% effective—it’s more like 5%–in Processing Distortion interview here

–Obama offers well-calibrated comments on unrest in Ferguson, MO

–Glenn Greenwald, here, and Matthew Harwood here offer good criticism of the militarization of local cops

–James Bamford’s excellent story in Wired on Snowden is a good read

–federal judge in Oakland rules that FISA files will stay secret

–State Dept whistleblower John Tye tries to avoid becoming the next Snowden

–as unfounded fears of IS attack in US are spread, man is arrested at JFK based on surveillance of his Twitter account

–after a break of a couple of decades, supporters are trying to pass the Equal Rights Amendment