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PBC News & Comment: Ferguson Brings Class and Race Conflicts to Our Flat Screens

The heavy-handed, militarized response to protests and violence in Ferguson brings a rare dose of reality to our high-def TV's....

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--in Ferguson, curfew is replaced by de facto martial law with National Guard

--PBC withholding judgment as both sides try to control the narrative

--strong negative reaction to militarized response as many learn for first time about our growing police state

--Capt. Ron Johnson shows balls as he tries to mediate between white leaders and angry blacks, and gets undercut

--in Iraq, Yazidi crisis is still hard to get a clear picture of, as 80 were slaughtered on Friday, based on unconfirmed reports

--op-ed in NY Times gives remarkable, blunt view of Iraq’s corruption and political divides, muted hope for Abedi

--Gaza ceasefire about to expire again, as Israel destroys homes of suspected kidnappers, proving it lied about Hamas

--Oakland protest delays unloading of Israeli ship, Code Pink plans to protest Sen. Boxer’s Oakland office Tuesday

--Haaretz reports that US has given Israel $100 billion since 1962

--right wing nut John Bolton leads effort to attack UN in order to prevent war crimes investigation

--Gov. Rick Perry of Texas indicted for abuse of office, cleverly calls the indictment an abuse of office

--Montana Dems pick YouTube schoolmarm Amanda Curtis for Senate race;  Hawaii narrowly picks Schatz over Hanabusa

--Julian Assange says he will soon leave Ecuador’s embassy