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PBC News & Comment: The Sad Summer of ’14: Wars, Riots, Suicide, Melting Glaciers and Our Creeping Police State

Summer of ’14 brings wars, unrest, suicide, melting glaciers, extreme weather events and our creeping police state in the USA….

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–Gaza ceasefire holds, as Israel launches pre-emptive strike on UN war crimes investigation and defunds B’Tselem group

–American rabbi attacks UN Commission leader Schabas

–news-induced whiplash: NYTimes reports on facing pages that Yazidi crisis is over, and not over

–in Iraq, Maliki relents, will step down

–tension in eastern Ukraine as Russian convoy crosses border

–first peaceful night in Ferguson this week, as media and politicians finally note militarized cops and creeping laws

–a little justice in Alabama, as federal judge Mark Fuller is yanked from the bench for altercation with latest wife

–glaciers melting rapidly, human causes are clear

–in British Columbia, toxic flood from mining site

–USDA ready to approve new GMO seed

–Rev. Billy plans protest at Monsanto HQ in St. Louis, you can donate here

–Robin Williams had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s