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PBC News & Comment: Ransom Negotiations and Failed Commando Raid Preceded Foley’s Beheading

Back story emerges in IS beheading of journalist Jim Foley, as US refused to pay millions and Syria raid failed…..

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–General Allen urges Obama to “wipe out” IS

–great analysis from Brian Fishman, “don’t bullshit Americans about wiping out IS”

–Israeli raids on Gaza kill 3 top Hamas leaders and some kids

–National Guard withdraws from Ferguson

–Holder’s Justice Dept has increased prosecutions of rogue cops

–the same “Justice” Dept continues to press violations of First Amendment rights of reporter James Risen

–Justice Dept sets $16.6 billion fine for Bank of America, but no banksters go to jail

–DEA announces much tighter rules for hydrocodone prescriptions

–US Navy expels 34 sailors for cheating on nuke exams

–more details have surfaced about the Marine jailed in Mexico, which we reported yesterday.  Read Robin Abcarian’s column here