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PBC News & Comment: Hamas Firing Squads in Gaza, Shiite Death Squads in Iraq

Bloody week saw beheading of journalist Jim Foley in Syria, Hamas firing squads in Gaza, Shiite death squads in Iraq…

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–UNICEF confirms 469 children killed in Gaza, first Israeli child is killed Friday by Hamas mortar fire

–Gen. Dempsey and Defense boss Hagel use “apocalyptic” to describe IS, hyping the threat

–AP report blames Qatar for collapse of Cairo talks

–Russian relief convoy enters Ukraine without approval

–Liberian teen killed over Ebola quarantine, as two Americans are declared “recovered”, released from Atlanta hospital

–at VICE, Jason Leopold previews the heavily redacted report on torture

–reporter Sam Oakford on heavily redacted 28-page memo about 9/11, podcast at Boiling Frogs Post

–Richard Gage on C-SPAN August 1, permitted to talk about 9/11 truth findings

–Nafeez Ahmed reports Pentagon funds effort to track activists in new data mining program

–Tsarnaev friend pleads guilty to destroying evidence

–in post-Ferguson poll, 68% object to militarization of local law enforcement