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PBC News & Comment: California Uber Alles–Earthquake, Smart Phone Kill Switch, More

Our top stories from California today: Napa's earthquake, smartphone kill switch law, abortion coverage, sexual assault in military, PBC's Obamacare appeal....

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--earthquake rocked Bay Area, Napa 6.1 Sunday 3:20am, 200 injured with one indirect fatality, major property damage

--quake warning system gave 10-seconds of warning, could be good use of Twitter

--federal nuclear inspector urges shutdown of Diablo Canyon for seismic inspection

--Nuclear Regulatory Commission votes “confidence” that nuclear waste stored at nuke plants is safe..WTFukushima!

--Gov. Brown signs law requiring opt-out kill switch on smart phones, first in the nation

--another first, Brown signs law requiring state criminal proceedings in military sex assault cases

--California law requires all health insurance to cover abortions, Christianists fight for exemptions

--quick update on PBC’s appeal of bad Obamacare policy

--new, open ended cease-fire in Gaza as report says 89 Palestinian families completely wiped out by war

--Obama approves surveillance flights over Syria

--Putin meets Poroshenko to talk about Ukraine

--Kerry’s Afghan election deal falling apart, sparks brawl

--Burger King plans tax inversion with Canadian chain