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PBC News & Comment: Competing Propaganda, Misdirection Fuel Confusion About Ukraine

Trying to separate fact from spin, we cite Pando reporter Yasha Levine's first dispatch from Russia-Ukraine border showdown.....

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--In Ukraine, powerful propaganda from many sides creates confusing picture as Putin says 10 Russian soldiers “got lost” in Ukraine

–Yasha Levine of Pando files first dispatch from eastern Ukraine

--third front opens up in Ukraine war, near Crimea

--Russia reports 1 million Ukrainian refugees in Russia

--details emerge of Israel-Hamas agreement

--2 Yemenis held at Parwan prison released to Yemen

--Abdullah Abdullah withdraws from Afghan election, as threatened

--33-year-old American killed while fighting with IS in Syria

--mother of hostage pleads to IS for his release

--IS fighters take control of Syria-Israel border crossing

--in marriage equality hearing, Judge Richard Posner blasts opponents

--federal court in California hears fight between fish, farmers over water

--UN climate panel issues new dire report on warming

--parents take 9-year-old girl to shooting range, where she kills instructor with Uzi