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PBC News & Comment: US Corporate Media Hypes Fear of IS, Stokes War Fever

US media promotes fear of IS jihadi fighters bringing terror to our shores and exaggerates threat to US interests abroad……

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–corporate media drives up fear of IS on several fronts:

NY Times profiles IS and Baghdadi, without noting they are products of failed US policies

–State Dept triples estimated number of Americans in IS in leak to right-wing Washington Times

–PBS Newshour hits new low, falsely compares John Lindh to current American fighters in Syria

–IS reported massacred 150 captured troops in Syria

–back from vacation, Obama talks to press about Syria, Ukraine

–Glenn Greenwald catalogs Obama’s shifting positions on Syria, IS

–Greenwald also exposes the hawk side of Sen. Elizabeth Warren

–and Greenwald’s colleague details NSA’s search engine, available to many law enforcement agencies

–Jason Leopold’s FOIA lawsuit to force release of torture report draws micromanagement from Sen. Feinstein

–rendition survivors urge Obama to release that torture report