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PBC News & Comment: As War-torn Summer Winds Down, More Wars on the Horizon

Eddy Grant’s “War Party” opens the show, as Obama’s mixed message draws hoots from hawks, denial from Putin on Ukraine…

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–GOP critics hammer Obama for mixed messages on Syria, Ukraine

–Putin, accused by Obama of invading Ukraine, blames Ukraine

–IS waterboarded American captives

–at VICE, Jason Leopold reports beatings of prisoners in new crackdown at Guantanamo

–yesterday, we slammed PBC Newshour for ignorant comments about John Lindh…new article in the Nation

–43 UN peacekeepers captured in Golan Heights

–France proposes EU should act as peacekeepers in Gaza

–boycott/divestment of Israel gains momentum in Europe

–Obama signals delay in executive action on immigration

–trial of Blackwater gunmen goes to jury next week

–fracking study shows risks to groundwater, but new leases will be issued for drilling in California

–in $200,000 San Francisco speech, Hillary Clinton breaks her silence on Ferguson, adding nothing

–African American journalism professor tells the truth about Sharpton, media-designated leader with few followers

–workers win struggle to restore Arthur T as CEO of Market Basket stores

–Germans set example for taking a real holiday—from email