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PBC News & Comment: IS Beheadings, Calculated to Trigger Emotional US Response

DC hawks like Feinstein, McCain, Graham are taking the bait of gruesome IS executions, pushing for war like in 2002…

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–IS beheads American reporter Steven Sotloff and Lebanese captive
–Sen. Feinstein joins McCain and Graham in demand for action, while twisting facts and history
–Covert Origins of IS linked to failed US policies in good recap from “Storm Clouds Gathering” site
–Press TV quotes former CIA contractor on IS:” This is a completely fabricated enemy”
–Israel grabs more West Bank land, as it refuses to turn on water to completed, but vacant Palestinian town
–Fatah floats plan to ask UN support for firm end to Israeli occupation and blockade
–NATO, Putin trade threats: Vlad says he can take Kiev in 2 weeks if he wants
–in drone strike in Somalia, US claims to kill al Shabab leader
–NY Times editorial chides Obama for still refusing to release Abu Ghraib photos, court blocks release of torture pictures
–Guantanamo defense lawyer Maj. Jason Wright resigns from military, blasts “stacked….show trials”
–Obama gives Labor Day speech in Wisconsin, where he failed to fight for labor
–half of juvenile inmates break out of high security prison in Tennessee