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PBC News & Comment: Is Anybody Paying Attention to Libya?

As Obama fumbles on Syria and Ukraine crises, Libyan rebels have grabbed at least 11 airliners....possible 9/11 scheme?

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--threat of IS fighters bringing attacks to US builds on Bush’s idiocy: “fight them over there, not here”
--Obama photo-ops in Estonia as Putin announces cease fire and peace plan for Ukraine
--Russia Today reports US plans major war games in Ukraine
--Robert Parry continues to offer best analysis of Ukraine conflict in latest post, “Who’s Telling the Big Lie on Ukraine?
--bucking the trend, judge in Louisiana says ban on same sex marriage is constitutional
--Halliburton is fined $1 billion for Gulf oil blowout, rogue utility P G & E fined $1.4 billion for gas pipeline explosion
--anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist went to Burning Man, and loved it
--note to Jennifer Lawrence: send me your nude photos, don’t store them in the cloud!
--crammed airline passengers are fighting over reclining seats
--email correspondence from Andy Dral and Guido