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PBC News & Comment: Eric Holder, How Can I Miss You If You Won’t Go Away?

Dan Hicks opens the podcast as we recap the mostly negative legacy of Eric Holder as leader of “Justice” Dept.

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–Eric Holder resigns, pending confirmation of his replacement; he did some good things, but lots of long-term damage as head of (obstruction of) Justice Dept.
–ACLU gets copy of infamous Executive Order 12333, basis for NSA surveillance programs
–internal ObamaCo debate over disclosure of evidence derived from illegal surveillance
–Holder “Justice” Dept. seeks to keep hearings about Gitmo force feeding secret, Reprieve lawyer Cori Crider explains
–US and Arab monarchies continue bombing in Syria
–Pando’s Gary Brecher, the War Nerd, notes that just looking at a map of Syria puts the hyped IS threat into perspective
–al Jazeera op-ed by Musa al Gharbi notes that US hawks are giving IS what it wants most: credibility as a major threat
–NY Times asks who blew the intel call on IS, as Obama shifted blame in 60 Minutes interview
–Jakarta Post told me about world oil glut, Saudi cuts to output
–Google and Facebook lead tech exodus from ALEC
–Hong Kong protests continue, riot police use more gas
–new Afghan leader Ghani agrees to 10,000 residual US troops