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Virginia is for Lovers of Marriage Equality and the Constitution

Virginia’s the scene of top stories today: same sex marriages performed after Supreme Court declines appeals; Senator Kaine fights Obama…..

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–Supreme Court gives tacit victory to Marriage Equality, Virginia allows same day, same sex weddings
–Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is lonely voice challenging legality of Obama’s new war in Syria
–IS forces gain ground in Kobani, despite US air strikes
–former diplomat Peter van Buren compares “moderates” in Iraq and Syria to unicorns—often mentioned, never seen
–Pentagon has not decided who the “moderates” are in Syria who get the $500 million jackpot
–former top spook Michael Hayden says thousands of US troops will be in Iraq by Christmas
–Biden forced to apologize to Turkish leader for blurting out some truth about who has supported IS
–explosion kills 2 at Iranian nuke complex
–smaller protests continue in Hong Kong
–trial on force-feeding Guantanamo hunger strikers begins
–Jason Leopold, just back from Gitmo, reports that restraint chairs for force feeding aren’t medically necessary
–Hewlett Packard will split in 2, as my HP printer is out of ink, again
–Haiti’s second-generation dictator, Baby Doc Duvalier, is dead
–Paul Revere, lead singer of the Raiders, dies, we end with “Indian Reservation”