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Virginia is for Lovers of Marriage Equality and the Constitution

Virginia's the scene of top stories today: same sex marriages performed after Supreme Court declines appeals; Senator Kaine fights Obama.....

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--Supreme Court gives tacit victory to Marriage Equality, Virginia allows same day, same sex weddings
--Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is lonely voice challenging legality of Obama’s new war in Syria
--IS forces gain ground in Kobani, despite US air strikes
--former diplomat Peter van Buren compares “moderates” in Iraq and Syria to unicorns—often mentioned, never seen
--Pentagon has not decided who the “moderates” are in Syria who get the $500 million jackpot
--former top spook Michael Hayden says thousands of US troops will be in Iraq by Christmas
--Biden forced to apologize to Turkish leader for blurting out some truth about who has supported IS
--explosion kills 2 at Iranian nuke complex
--smaller protests continue in Hong Kong
--trial on force-feeding Guantanamo hunger strikers begins
--Jason Leopold, just back from Gitmo, reports that restraint chairs for force feeding aren’t medically necessary
--Hewlett Packard will split in 2, as my HP printer is out of ink, again
--Haiti’s second-generation dictator, Baby Doc Duvalier, is dead
--Paul Revere, lead singer of the Raiders, dies, we end with "Indian Reservation"