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PBC News & Comment: Governments Demand More Power to Spy in Britain, Australia and US

Capitalizing on unproven threats from Islamic State fighters, governments are demanding expanded spy powers and cyberwar powers in leading “democracies”…

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–Spooks demand more power to spy in Britain, Australia, US
–head of “British FBI” says Britons must accept loss of freedom in tradeoff for security
–Aussie Prof. Ben Saul blasts Abbott government for hypocritical “freedom agenda” that limits freedom
–Rep. Mike Rogers calls for cyber war standards
–Buzzfeed reveals case where DEA agent created fake Facebook page without permission of the individual
–Facebook bus drivers seek union representation
–as Kobani falls, Obama’s “coalition” already stressed, as Turkish leader refuses to provide ground troops, wants focus on deposing Assad
–in Guardian op-ed, Cale Salih exposes the idiocy of US policy regarding Kurdish fighters in Iraq, Syria
–Kurds protest at European Parliament in Brussels
–FBI arrests teenager at O’Hare, claims he was going to join IS fighters
–India and Pakistan exchange shells over Kashmir, thousands flee
–Iran releases wife of Washington Post reporter, who is still jailed
–MSDNC’s Chris Hayes offers veiled criticism of Democratic Senate candidate from Kentucky in “war on coal” flap