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PBC News & Comment: Government Leaders Dispense Far-fetched Conspiracy Theories, While Attacking “Conspiracy Theorists”

UK Prime Minister Cameron demonizes “conspiracy theorists”, linking them to terrorists in UN speech; we explore the tactic w/expert deHaven-Smith

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–“conspiracy theory” label originated by CIA becomes intellectual “third rail”, except for government-approved conspiracies
–British PM David Cameron, in UN speech, links skeptics of 7/7 and 9/11 plots to jihadists
–in excerpt from our in-depth interview, Prof. Lance deHaven-Smith talks about attacks on skeptics by Cass Sunstein
–FBI Director Comey launches new, approved conspiracy warnings about Khorosan, potential attacks on US
–18 Kurdish protesters killed in Turkey, as Erdogan is accused of allowing IS to win Kobane from Kurds
–at 5 international airports in US, arriving passengers from Africa will be screened with temperature guns
–Hong Kong protesters to meet with leaders on Friday
–gay weddings in Idaho put on hold due to Supreme Court appeal
–Court hears oral arguments in case of Muslim prisoner in Arkansas prevented from growing a beard
–rare moment of justice in Texas, as death row inmate is released after wrongful conviction
–trial over force feeding at Guantanamo produces sharp criticism of the brutal process
–Twitter sues in effort to disclose more about government surveillance of its users
–San Francisco passes first regulations of Airbnb
–Soft drink industry pours millions into campaign to defeat tax on sugary beverages