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PBC News & Comment: Government Leaders Dispense Far-fetched Conspiracy Theories, While Attacking “Conspiracy Theorists”

UK Prime Minister Cameron demonizes "conspiracy theorists", linking them to terrorists in UN speech; we explore the tactic w/expert deHaven-Smith

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--“conspiracy theory” label originated by CIA becomes intellectual “third rail”, except for government-approved conspiracies
--British PM David Cameron, in UN speech, links skeptics of 7/7 and 9/11 plots to jihadists
--in excerpt from our in-depth interview, Prof. Lance deHaven-Smith talks about attacks on skeptics by Cass Sunstein
--FBI Director Comey launches new, approved conspiracy warnings about Khorosan, potential attacks on US
--18 Kurdish protesters killed in Turkey, as Erdogan is accused of allowing IS to win Kobane from Kurds
--at 5 international airports in US, arriving passengers from Africa will be screened with temperature guns
--Hong Kong protesters to meet with leaders on Friday
--gay weddings in Idaho put on hold due to Supreme Court appeal
--Court hears oral arguments in case of Muslim prisoner in Arkansas prevented from growing a beard
--rare moment of justice in Texas, as death row inmate is released after wrongful conviction
--trial over force feeding at Guantanamo produces sharp criticism of the brutal process
--Twitter sues in effort to disclose more about government surveillance of its users
--San Francisco passes first regulations of Airbnb
--Soft drink industry pours millions into campaign to defeat tax on sugary beverages