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PBC News & Comment: WTF?! NBC Tried to Hire Jon Stewart for “Meet the Press”

Jon Stewart has standards, NBC doesn't--NBC brass tried to recruit Stewart to host Sunday political show; Stewart said "no"......

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--NBC tried to hire Jon Stewart for Meet the Press…it tells us how desperate, ratings-hungry NBC is
--as some California towns go dry from drought, billions of gallons of water have been wasted, poisoned by fracking
--off-duty cop shoots and kills black teen in St. Louis, witnesses say the kid had a sandwich, not a gun
--hearing over force-feeding at Guantanamo wraps up, gets no coverage from ebola-obsessed media
--federal appeals court in SF hears government arguments to keep FBI national security letters gag orders
--in Guardian op-ed, David Graeber exposes the region in Syria where Kurds and others have formed democratic government
--Yemen implodes, another failed US client state
--Hong Kong government balks at planned talks with protesters
--new shred of evidence in downing of Malaysian airliner over Ukraine: one passenger was wearing oxygen mask
--more cronyism revealed between head of California’s public utilities commission and P G & E executives