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PBC News & Comment: WTF?! NBC Tried to Hire Jon Stewart for “Meet the Press”

Jon Stewart has standards, NBC doesn’t–NBC brass tried to recruit Stewart to host Sunday political show; Stewart said “no”……

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–NBC tried to hire Jon Stewart for Meet the Press…it tells us how desperate, ratings-hungry NBC is
–as some California towns go dry from drought, billions of gallons of water have been wasted, poisoned by fracking
–off-duty cop shoots and kills black teen in St. Louis, witnesses say the kid had a sandwich, not a gun
–hearing over force-feeding at Guantanamo wraps up, gets no coverage from ebola-obsessed media
–federal appeals court in SF hears government arguments to keep FBI national security letters gag orders
–in Guardian op-ed, David Graeber exposes the region in Syria where Kurds and others have formed democratic government
–Yemen implodes, another failed US client state
–Hong Kong government balks at planned talks with protesters
–new shred of evidence in downing of Malaysian airliner over Ukraine: one passenger was wearing oxygen mask
–more cronyism revealed between head of California’s public utilities commission and P G & E executives