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PBC News & Comment: Turkey Turns Obama’s Coalition to Fight IS into Clusterf&#k

Turkey embarrasses ObamaCo, balks at deal to use airbase, then attacks the Kurds we support in fighting Islamic State....

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--Turkey turns Obama’s war on IS into a real clusterf*#k, striking Kurds with fighter jets while balking at deal for US to use Turkish base for attacks on Syria, Iraq
--British Parliament overwhelmingly passes resolution in support of Palestinian statehood, angry response from Israel
--Australia passes extreme police state legislation
--Australia’s intel agency spies on Americans for our NSA
--Hong Kong protesters take on masked thugs, and occupy new government building after arrest of protester
--protests continue in St. Louis, as 20 clergy arrested, including our pal Rev. Billy
--ProPublic reports that black males are 21 times more likely to be shot dead by cops, compared to white suspects
--former NSA boss Keith Alexander holds stock in companies that benefit from surveillance, reports Jason Leopold
--Washington Post series exposes how cops seize cash and other assets from people who are never prosecuted, and use the stolen money as slush funds--$2.5 billion in recent years
--former Bush buddy and Iraq inspector general still looking for up to $1.6 billion in cash that is missing from Iraq