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PBC News & Comment: Turkey Turns Obama’s Coalition to Fight IS into Clusterf&#k

Turkey embarrasses ObamaCo, balks at deal to use airbase, then attacks the Kurds we support in fighting Islamic State….

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–Turkey turns Obama’s war on IS into a real clusterf*#k, striking Kurds with fighter jets while balking at deal for US to use Turkish base for attacks on Syria, Iraq
–British Parliament overwhelmingly passes resolution in support of Palestinian statehood, angry response from Israel
–Australia passes extreme police state legislation
–Australia’s intel agency spies on Americans for our NSA
–Hong Kong protesters take on masked thugs, and occupy new government building after arrest of protester
–protests continue in St. Louis, as 20 clergy arrested, including our pal Rev. Billy
–ProPublic reports that black males are 21 times more likely to be shot dead by cops, compared to white suspects
–former NSA boss Keith Alexander holds stock in companies that benefit from surveillance, reports Jason Leopold
–Washington Post series exposes how cops seize cash and other assets from people who are never prosecuted, and use the stolen money as slush funds–$2.5 billion in recent years
–former Bush buddy and Iraq inspector general still looking for up to $1.6 billion in cash that is missing from Iraq