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PBC News & Comment: Media Darling Malala Wins Nobel Peace Prize, But Not For Peace

While Malala did lobby President Obama to stop drone strikes in Pakistan, the Nobel committee honored her for promoting education for girls…

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–Media darling Malala wins Nobel Peace Prize….but not for advocating peace, as David Swanson notes
–former Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama continues air strikes in Syria, as Pentagon hints it expects Kobani to fall to IS
–in awkward moment of truthiness, Pentagon now says Khorosan was not destroyed, and that media reports spawned by Pentagon drove them underground
–ObamaCo is very public in spat with Turkey over fight with IS
–leaders of Vietnam protests are protesting Pentagon’s 50th anniversary rewrites of history, exclusion of key events from timelines
–Hong Kong protesters return to streets
–US Supreme Court intervenes to block requirement of photo ID in Wisconsin, as Texas federal judge blocks ID law there
–new flood of migrants to southern border—but these are from Cuba, so there will be no right-wing opposition
–Davis, California council orders cops to return armored vehicle given by Pentagon
–California PUC president Mike Peevey will step down