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PBC News & Comment: Supreme Court Sends Important Signals Upholding Abortion Rights

Texas, home to idiot governors and bad laws, figures in our top 2 stories about abortion rights and voting laws...

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--Supreme Court in surprise 6-3 ruling, validates key arguments against Texas anti-abortion laws, clinics will re-open as hearings continue at appeals court
--Fifth Circuit, which was overruled by Supremes on abortion, blocks ban on voter ID law in Texas, Bradblog has details
--Sam Daley-Harris touts citizen action on climate, and poverty, in today’s in-depth interview
--video of police beating Hong Kong protester produces new wave of condemnation
--Juan Cole reports that IS has taken Iraqi town of Hit, and looted armory of US provided tanks and armored vehicles
--NY Times report says IS is poised to take full control of Anbar province
--selective western outrage over IS decapitations is undermined by fact that Saudis have beheaded 59 this year
--Kurdish fighters killed in Kobani show signs of chemical weapons
--Bush partisans seize this news to spin that there actually were WMD in Iraq when Bush invaded
--Fidel Castro dialogues with NY Times editorial calling for US to ease its failed blockade of Cuba
--Bay Guardian ends publication in San Francisco