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PBC News & Comment: Obama Ignores Advice from CIA, That Arming Rebels Doesn’t Work

Details of CIA study Obama requested show that in over 60 years, CIA record of covert rebel support is failure…

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–Obama’s war on IS contradicts intel report he asked CIA for: arming rebels usually blows back on US
–Peter van Buren lists the 7 major things that can go wrong in Iraq and Syria
–car bombs and other attacks kill 150 around Baghdad
–US media still offering hope that Kurds will hold Kobani
–Britain sends its Reaper drones to fight IS, only in Iraq
–Holland sends members of Dutch motorcycle gang to fight IS
–Leon Panetta’s book tour arrives here Friday, as he dumps on Obama and pumps up Hillary
–ex-CIA analyst Mel Goodman wrote blistering review of Panetta’s book, calls it “a fraud”
–FBI director Comey says encryption is evil, dings Apple and Google for new privacy systems
–Hong Kong exec zig zags again, says he is willing to talk with protesters, as long as they expect nothing to change
–New York releases innocent man after 30 years
–California settles with atheist who was returned to prison for denying “higher power” in mandated 12-step program