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PBC News & Comment: Don’t Weep For Big Oil

Falling crude oil prices lead to lower pump prices, making tar sands and fracking unprofitable for Big Oil….

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–as oil and retail gas prices drop, don’t feel sorry for Big Oil
–Robert Parry unloads on Washington Post for late hits on Gary Webb, and says Kill the Messenger is pretty accurate
–US airstrikes in Iraq and Syria have killed an estimated 500 IS fighters
–Syrian bombers destroy 2/3 of IS “air force”, prompting doubts about Turkey’s call for no-fly zone
–more embarrassment for secret service, as another intruder jumps White House fence, and agents were diverted from White House for an agent’s private beef with neighbor
–despite deal with Nigerian government to release 200 girls kidnapped, Boko Haram takes 60 new captives
–Jason Leopold reports that Guantanamo prisoner is using “Hobby Lobby” ruling in suit over contact with female guards
–California prison officials agree to end racial segregation in lockdowns
–Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey urges voters to elect GOP governors so they can keep control of “voting mechanisms”
–Oregon and Colorado voters face initiatives on GMO labeling
–House Intelligence chair Mike Rogers tells Brits that Snowden is a traitor who should be charged with murder