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PBC News & Comment: Attacks in Ottawa, Jerusalem Draw Quick Tags of “Terrorism”

Before we have any real evidence, officials in Canada and Israel are branding recent attacks as “terrorism”; let’s wait-and-see……

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–Canadian Parliament attacked by gunman, second incident in Canada in 2 days
–Israel blames Hamas and all Palestinians for “runover” attack that killed baby, injured 8 in Jerusalem
–also in Jerusalem, utra-orthodox Jews stage mini-riot over ads urging women to pray at men-only Western Wall site
–nonviolent Palestinian activist from B’ilin is convicted of obstructin Israeli military
–Katha Pollitt, columnist for The Nation, talks about the benefits of abortion to women and society
–Alabama congresswoman Terri Sewell declares she will file for impeachment if Judge Mark Fuller doesn’t resign
–former Blackwater goons convicted for massacre at Nisour Square in Baghdad in 2007
–Hong Kong protesters shift tactics, continue protests
–in Syria, Yazidis are threatened again as UN charges IS with attempted genocide
–Turkish president tweaks US for misguided airdrop
–3 teenage girls from Denver were trying to join IS
–newSt. Louis County autopsy report on Michael Brown seems to support police version of the confrontation
–former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee dies at 93