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PBC News & Comment: Attacks by Crazy Guys Called “Terrorist”–Careless, or Calculated?

Comic Bill Maher, NY top cop Bill Bratton and Canadian PM Harper link lone attackers to jihad, without proof
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–US says IS has recently used chemical weapons in Iraq
–front-page Sunday NY Times story details brutal treatment and torture of Foley and others by IS, as they imitate US torture
–12 Nobel Peace winners urge Obama to release Senate torture review, and to prohibit all torture
–Jeb is testing the waters for Bush-Clinton dynasty fight in ‘16
–Dilam Rousseff narrowly wins runoff in Brazil
–Putin serves up some valid criticism of US policies
–rare, honest criticism of extremes in Israel by its new president
–more exposure of government seizures of cash without criminal charges, IRS promises to curb it